Many SME’s have similar challenges when it comes to Document Management, some aren’t aware that there are ready-made affordable solutions available on the market that could instantly solve their problems.

Typical challenges include the below.

  • We would like the ability to make quick decisions and respond quickly to client questions. Our business needs to evolve however locating useful information is usually time consuming and painful.
  • Collaborating on large files that are sent via emails with various file names is problematic, how can we simplify and streamline the process?
  • We want to boast Productivity and give our business a competitive edge however it is expensive to upgrade our internal systems.
  • We have a large record and document repository, how can we improve productivity and reduce costs?
  • How do we improve security and generate reports based on active logins, version history, access, modification and deletions?
  • It would be useful if we had an online wiki knowledge base that customers, suppliers and partners could access in their own time rather than overburdening our customer service department.
  • We desperately need to reduce paper usage, eliminate physical file storage, paper independence and digitise existing paper archives. How do we achieve this objective?
  • Our printer costs are getting out of control, how can we get these expenses under control?
  • How do we control our IT budget, reduce infrastructure costs and extend boundaries?
  • We would like our employees to work more intuitively without negotiating department boundaries, can a Document Management System help us?
  • Is it possible to share tacit knowledge to solve client problems and deliver new insights and solutions?