We specialise in Document Management implementations – from feasibility studies to project managing the deployment and beyond.

Document Management systems introduce new ways to share your work, collaborate, engage with others, organise teams, build communities, discover people, track and store your electronic documents. They give your business the ability to manage, control and audit your records and files.

Some Document Management systems come equip with social capabilities that make it easy to share ideas, keep track of what your colleagues are working on and discover experts you never knew existed. Contact Us to determine how Document Management Systems and Enterprise Social Networks can improve your business.

Why Exactly?

There are numerous reasons why a business would want to deploy or upgrade their document management system. A list of the typical benefits are shown here.

What Are The Challenges

Many SME’s have similar challenges when it comes to Document Management, some aren’t aware that there are ready-made affordable solutions available on the market that could instantly solve their problems, read more here.
If you are would like to solve one or more of the typical business challenges you should get in touch with us immediately.

Features Of Our Document Management Systems

- Collaboration, Versioning, Publishing, Meta Data, Indexing & Searching, Tracking, Workflow Processes, Integration, Data Capture, Storage, Retrieval, Distribution, Security, Workflow…

Product Portfolio

By deploying a Document Management system within your business you can encourages collaboration, efficiency, agility and innovation within your company. Tools within our Document Management portfolio include:
- SharePoint, Google Apps, ZOHO, Dropbox and Office 365.

How Do I Get Started

Contact Us to determine what type of deployment (On-premises, Software As A Service or both) suits your business and how soon your organisation can get up and running with a Document Management System.

Then What?

As your business changes we can configure your DMS to meet your changing needs, including navigation, security, look&feel, integration, rentention, auditing, taxonomy, application add-ons and implement a training strategy.