There’s no better way to engage employees, enable seamless communication, promote collaboration and improve firm wide efficiency then by deploying a social business platform within your Organisation.
An enterprise social network will launch your business into the future and ensure your Organisation remains responsive by making it easy to collaborate, share ideas, documents and anything else with your co-workers.

We can help to bring your business online and allow employees, partners, suppliers and customers to collaborate nationally or globally.

The explosion of social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have connected people like never before, the benefits of people collaborating and connecting in real-time has developed and moved to the business arena. Businesses can now leverage the power of social networking to gain a competitive edge by utilising features such as internal forums, virtual teams, knowledge management, CRM, issue tracking, business intelligence reports, document collaboration, instant messaging and notification.

Enterprise Social Network tools are compatible on many different types of devices and allow employees, partners, customers, investors and stakeholders to communicate anywhere, everywhere and at any time.

Allow teamwork to flourish by using an Enterprise Social Network then watch your productivity and returns grow.

What Is In Our Tool Box

Applications that are in our toolkit include:
- Yammer, Campfire, Zyncro, Jive, Salesforce Chatter, Lync and Bloomfire


We work with SME’s and have a passion for analysing and deploying Enterprise Social Network tools.
We work with SME’s and have a passion for analysing and deploying Enterprise Social Network tools.
We wouold help you to identify the correct tool then configure, train, deploy, implement and support your company to leverage the technology. Your ESN would help to improve internal processes and give your business a competitive edge that is vital in today’s global market.